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With the pandemic of 2020 Covid 19, people have had to come up with different ways to entertain themselves. We are use to going on vacations like Los Vegas, New Orleans, Cruises, just anywhere you wanted to go. Now with 2020 you have to be more inventive by staycation instead of vacationing .

What is Staycation

In todays world it is finding ways to enjoy yourself without going very far. It can be creating a relaxing atmosphere area at your home, or close by your home. The object is to be relaxed as if you are on a vacation. I like the idea of staycation because it does not cost as much as a vacation. Now that we are in a budgeting state and trying to cut back on our spending. This is a great option.

Why would a staycation be a good idea.

The summer months are the time that people mostly go on their vacations because kids are out of school for the summer, so family time can get quit pricey. A family cruise for 4 people will cost you over 5000 dollars easily and depending on where you are going and how long you stay it can cost a lot more. A staycation is a great way to bring the expenses down.

The 4th of July is normally one of those holidays that people travel. 2020 was a holiday that a lot of families were staying near the home. Because of social distancing public firework gathering had to be cancelled. This meant that people were rushing out to purchase their own fireworks and entertaining themselves by staying home for barbecues and picnics. It was genuinely a nice holiday if you ask me. During this pandemic families have been getting together more for family dinners, games, outdoor activities, like biking, walking, hiking, and swimming in the back yard. I seen all kinds of family activities come back on the scene.

Staycation Ideas

Since staycation is the now thing to do, here are some of the ideas I came up with.

1. Create a relaxing area at your home

2. Fitness at home

3. Have a picnic

4. Get a pool

5. Play outside or inside games

6. Do a Spa Day

7. Do a outdoor movie

8. Sleep

9. Learn a new skill

10. DIY project

11. Go walking

12. Go Biking

13. Go Hiking

14. Karoke night

15. Camp in the back yard

These are just some ideas , there are many more and people are becoming more and more creative.

July 4 2020

4th of July is my Birthday, normally on this day, I would be getting ready to go to the essence festival. However this year because of Covid 19 I opted to create a relaxing atmosphere for me and the family to stay at home, pig out on lots of food and enjoy each others company. Later in the evening we sat out front and watched all the neighborhood fireworks. My budget for the staycation was under 500 dollars.

Staycation has its benefits.


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