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Do you Have a BUDGET???

Do you have a budget? If so, you have already taken an important step toward financial freedom. If you do not have a budget, please start because you are missing out. Why don’t people budget? I think the main reason people do not budget is the misconception that it takes up too much time. Another reason is that some people are afraid of what a budget may reveal, and don’t want to give up perceived luxuries in their life. Neither reason is a good enough reason not to do it. A budget is just a plan that shows you where you are spending your money. It tells your money where to go instead of asking where it went. Without knowing where you are spending your money, you are spending blindly. Have you heard people say, “where did all my money go? I just got paid and now it’s all gone. Where did it all go?” Well if you had a budget you would know exactly where your money is going and what you spent your money on. Creating a budget is imperative and relatively easy.

During the first month, simply write down everything you buy. Then you can see what you are spending money on and be able to trim the fat. Wait…This is the same strategy people use to lose weight. First, they write down the food they eat, that way they get a visual of their eating habits and caloric intake. Then make the needed adjustments to their diet. And before you know it, they get results and therefore, trim the fat. If you do this for both money and eating, you can kill two birds with one stone. With this analogy, I am simply showing that a budget is a great tool. With this tool, everyone can find unnecessary purchases that were made. The ending result could be finding extra money to pay off some bills, to save or to invest. One other factor that people do not consider when budgeting is discipline. It takes discipline to do a budget, and to stop making unnecessary purchases. If you have discipline when budgeting, you can apply discipline to other areas in your life. So, you see a budget has lasting benefits. Start your budget today.


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