SS Solutions was started by Ms. Sandra Steele CEO and Founder. During her 30 years’ service to the military, Ms. Steele helped hundreds of people to include soldiers, veterans and family members solve their financial issues. She recognizes and understands the struggle that people have when it relates to money and can attest to a lot of the same issues in her our life.  From living paycheck to paycheck to being taken advantage of by money sharks. It has become her passion to help as many people as she could by focusing on education as well as their relationship with money.

SS solutions was founded on the concept of building a better financial future by never struggling alone. Our mission is to help clients reach financial freedom by providing solutions to their financial problems.  We have a genuine concern for the clients we serve.  You simply provide us with your financial goals and together we create a plan and provide solutions to help you achieve them. You will be given expert attention and the utmost care.


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